The fascinating History of Mankind


The fascinating History of Mankind is a project started in January 2015 when I decided to write a blog after few years of reading articles and books in subjects such as philosophy, history and anthropology.

My interest on these subjects started long time ago, but especially in 2012, while planning a year travelling around Latin America. It took me a year to organise the trip and as part of the plan I started reading books about the culture and history of the countries I was going to visit. Once there, I became really interested in pre Columbian cultures. The Mayas, Mochicas, Incas or Toltecas, cultures that flourished before Europeans arrival to America… The cultures and civilisations that developed there have been object of my study since then. I found fascinating to visit archaeological sites, to read about their cultures and to talk to natives about these subjects.

Since then I have continued reading about these and other cultures, being this is a passion in life. This interest has encouraged me study other areas such as Ancient History.

I would like this site to be an opportunity to interact and meet other people that is interested on these disciplines and to share and learn from others. Hopefully these articles will become an opportunity to interact with people all over the world on subjects such as history, philosophy, anthropology or any other related disciplines.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Javier Girona